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If you're interested in a tour, do yourselves a favour: BOOK EARLY!
Bees Unlimited reserves the right to "double"--even "triple-book"--clients
(2 tuk tuks, maximum, per tour), due to ever-increasing tour requests.
Private Tours are available, however, at an additional cost of $25/person.
We're only open for business Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
We will be closed for business from 13-20 April 2018.

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Cambodia’s ancient temples are special; a few of them are even spectacular.
Here's an Interactive Guide to Angkor, developed by our friend Dougald O'Reilly for Ipad/iPhone, that should help you out; but, you know what? After a day or two they all start to look the same. So, after a compulsory temple tour, when you’ve had your fill of bricks, sandstone, and laterite, (to say nothing of tourists, tourists, and more tourists), and want to see another facet of Cambodia without having to leave the Siem Reap area, we invite you to join us on one or more of our personal tours, for an unforgettable touch-taste-feel-smell-and-see adventure in this wonderful country.
Then, instead of saying: "I went to Cambodia, and saw Angkor Wat", your exclamation will be:

"I went on a tour with Bees Unlimited, and EXPERIENCED Cambodia."

Angkor Nature Tour

Eco Tours

Insects, Arachnids, and other Arthropods of Angkor Wat... Just some of the usual, unusual, interesting, and perhaps even unique fauna within and around the Temple Complex, in Siem Reap, that you might see when you go out on a nature walk with us... Read more...

Bee Tour...Siem Reap

Eco Tours

Subject to the seasonal migration, you can observe Asian Honeybee species such as Apis dorsata, Apis cerana, and Apis florea, as well as several species of the stingless Trigona bees—all in less than a day. Read more...

Bee Tour...Rafter Beekeeping

Eco Tours

Scenic, 1-hour drive from Siem Reap, past villages and rice paddies, palm trees and pagodas; to the only community in NW Cambodia where the unique tradition of Rafter Beekeeping is practiced--and where Nepenthes abound. If you like bees, this tour's for you! Read more...

"Discover Cambodia" Tour...Village Visit

Eco Tours

For ‘templed-out’ tourists who want to experience present-day Cambodia, and those for whom Cambodia is more than ancient piles of sandstone and laterite. Read more...

"Discover Cambodia" Tour...Countryside

Eco Tours

A blend of village life and countryside, complete with seasonal variations, this tour promises a true taste of Cambodian cuisine, culture, crafts, and countryside away from the tourist crowds—and memories to last a life-time! Read more...

"Discover Cambodia" Tour...Siem Reap

Eco Tours

Away from the Old Market and Pub Street, the crowds, the congestion... An entertaining and educational look at interesting and unusual occupations and activities in an urban environment. Read more...

"Discover Cambodia" Tour...Market

Eco Tours

If you want to feel the pulse of Cambodia, then, no doubt about it: a market is the place to go!! But not just any market; we're not talking 'Night Market' here; we're talking wholesale, open/wet market! The photographic and sensory memories from here will last a lifetime. What's more, there's plenty for the adventurous eater to taste, try, and enjoy. Read more...

"Discover Cambodia" Tour...Combo

combo tour

This tour, in 3 words: CUISINE and CULTURE
Judging from myriad glowing reviews on TripAdvisor, this culinary and cultural outing is far-and-away our most popular tour. Cambodia really comes alive for you here: the Cambodia of today, off the tourist track, where there's so much more to experience than temples--and, at such a reasonable price!

This tour--and the Market Tour--will be of particular interest to Gastronomic Tour aficionados, foodophiles, and vegetarians, who can enjoy nibbling on this, indulging in we get up close and personal with Cambodians and the food that makes them tick. The focus is on vegetarian fare, but food is not all we take in during this tour. In fact, let's make one thing perfectly clear: This is NOT a Food Tour! (Our friends Steven and Lina, of Siem Reap Food Tours, may best be able to accommodate you in that regard.

Floating Village Tour

Floating Village

A Village/Countryside tour with an aquatic touch, focusing on the daily life of Cambodians living along the Tonle Sap Lake. Read more...

Other Eco Tour Options

If you've got the time, we would highly recommend a visit to our friends Ben and Sharyn, who run BeTreed Adventures in nearby Preah Vihear Province, about 3 hrs from Siem Reap. This wilderness 'sanctuary' (that's right! WILDERNESS... not some temple teaming with tourists!!) where Green Peafowl forage freely on the premises; where you can sleep in a Tree House; and, where you can ride not one, but two 300m zip lines--is home to butterflies, birds, reptiles, mammals--and even bees (we have to throw that in, of course!)...
A truly complete Eco Tour Experience.
Click on the above link, browse their website, make a reservation, and get on out there!!