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Bee Tours Rafter Beekeeping

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Bees Unlimited offers passionate beekeepers the opportunity of a life-time: a chance to interact with traditional Cambodian honey-hunters, photograph Giant Honeybees at eye-level, and document sustainable honey-harvesting of Apis dorsata colonies.

Scenic, 1-hour drive from Siem Reap, past villages and rice paddies, to the only community in NW Cambodia where the unique tradition of Rafter Beekeeping is practiced. The ecosystem is unusual: several distinct orchid species and a variety of carnivorous plants thrive here. On this tour you also have the option of strolling through a Community Forest, dining with villagers in a typical Khmer house, and purchasing samples of pure, wild, Cambodian honey (seasonal), directly from the local honey-hunters.

No Temple Pass Required. Just bring a hat and wear clothes that will get dirty—long sleeves, loose trousers, and footwear that can be washed…bee veils provided to those who feel the need to use one. And make sure to bring your camera!

By the way… The YouTube video shot by my friend Nic, above, can be seen here: Wild Bees.

Season: Nov-April (Best: Feb/March)

Price: $60/adult.

To book a tour: Call Dani at 012 436 475;
or E-mail him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your generosity will help to encourage rafter beekeepers to make sustainable honey-harvesting an integral part of the rafter beekeeping tradition—benefiting village families, indigenous honeybees, and the local environment.

For a preview of an end-of-season rafter harvest, check out our Bees Unlimited video:

“Wild Bees--Cambodian-style"!

Bee Tours Rafter Beekeeping Bee Tours Rafter Beekeeping Bee Tours Rafter Beekeeping